Valentine’s Day: A Day of Romance

The special occasion of Valentine’s is related to the celebration of love and mutual affection shared by a couple. It is a day when romantic hopefuls express their aspirations to their beloved. You can feel the love in the air as the occasion approaches and see various kinds of exclusive Valentine’s products being sold all around in the market. Leaving aside the commercialism, this is a day meant for lovers.  It is a day when people focus on ways to impress and express their affectionate feelings for significant others. It is a day that day to shower our love on our sweethearts and tell them just how important they are to us.

Giving gifts is one of the most remarkable and also traditional ways of confessing our love to someone. You can though buy gifts for your beloved by wandering in different stores. But,  the internet nowadays has become a contemporary medium by virtue of which you can send various kinds of gifts to impress your lover from any corner of the world and make his or her Valentine’s day special. Various products offered at these online stores are given below.

  • Flowers: This romantic event is considered to be incomplete without a bouquet of fresh romantic flowers. Although long stemmed red roses are the most romantic of all flowers, but the online florists include carnations, Gerbera, iris, tulips, orchids and lilies and make exquisite arrangements of these flowers, which convey your love in their own way. Red colored flowers are generally considered for a romantic Valentines Day bouquet as this hue denotes your passion and strong love.
  • Chocolates:  A delectable box of chocolates is a traditional favorite for Valentine’s Day. Online stores provide with a variety of flavors of chocolates for you to choose from. You can however pick a  box of chocolates that is exclusively designed for the occasion of Valentine’s day. If you want you can also pick a box of chocolates adored by your lover.
  • Teddy bears: You can find a variety of cute, cuddly teddy bears offered at the online gift stores. These are available in different colors and in different sizes ranging from small to large. You can also select a teddy bear that says ‘I Love You’ or ‘Forever Yours’ to impress your sweetheart and communicate your sentiments.
  • Cakes: You can celebrate your love and affection with a scrumptious Valentines Day cake. A variety of flavors like chocolate, black forest, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple etc. are available in varying shapes and sizes. Heart shaped chocolate cakes are very popularly ordered by lovers on the occasion of Valentine’s day.
  • Gift combos: In order to make their gifts more special, the online stores also offer various gift combos, which include the above mentioned gifts. You can send combo gifts like flowers and cake, teddy bear and chocolates, chocolates and flowers etc. These stores also allow you to customize the gift combo.

Valentine Gifts Chandigarh

Chandigarh’s Valentine’s Day celebration spirit is soaring high and youngsters can be seen brimming with joy and enthusiasm preparing for this day. It’s a day meant for sharing your love with the special people in your life be it your partner, a good friend, your children or even your adorable pet. The essence of this day is simply to express your love to whatever and whoever you love.

Love birds in Chandigarh have a variety of options to choose from in order to make this day a memorable one. Even though chocolates and flowers are the all time favorite gifts, it doesn’t hurt thinking out of the box. A unique idea can be gifting a custom mix tape or CD with your partner’s favorite songs. Another great idea is to snuggle up with your valentine and watch a movie or call your friends over and enjoy a game of scrabble. What matters is having fun with those who really matter.

On Valentines Day, couples in Chandigarh love to spend time alone in gardens or by the lake side. Partying in the city’s famous pubs and bars is another cool way of bonding on this day. Discounted foods and liquor in the city’s top restaurants coupled with a DJ is the perfect recipe for a fun filled groovy Valentines Day in city beautiful. A spa gift certificate is another cool idea to pamper your lady love. She will simply adore you for this indulgence. There are a couple of luxury spas in Chandigarh that slash their rates on Valentines Day, so browse a little and grab this chance. A good handmade gift is here to stay as one of the best gifts. You can create a collage of pictures of both of you and surprise your beloved or you can make a cute handmade card too.

Apart from these ideas, availing the offers from online stores is a great deal too. You can deliver unique and fresh flowers to your loved one online as per the arrangement you love and even send a special message. In addition to this imported chocolates of various sizes with custom initials engraved on them can also be gifted online at very reasonable costs. Soft toys and gift hampers are amongst other online gifts which are bound to bring a smile across your beloved’s face.

Order unique gifts online in Chandigarh and other major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai from and enjoy the privilege of hassle free delivery at very reasonable rates. There’s much more to a simple gift than meets the eye as it speaks a thousand words.

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Valentine Gifts For Her

Are men really non-expressive as far as expressing their feelings are concerned? May be not! Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for you to express how much you love the woman in your life. You don’t need expensive gifts to do so but just a little creativity and thoughtfulness will do the trick.

All a woman really wants is to feel special and what better way to do this than to gift her something that will simply make her want to love you all the more. A woman being highly intuitive easily senses whether you’ve got her a gift just or the heck of it, or you really cared enough to get her one.

If this sounds like Greek to you, let’s make it simple by giving you some ideas that will sweep her off her feet and make her fall for you instantly. The best option while choosing a gift for your lady would be to gift her something she is fond of.

A sure shot way to impress a woman on this day is to gift her a bunch of fresh and lovely flowers. You can opt for the conventional red rose or if that seems a tad bit less creative, a few colored roses can be added to red roses to give it that thoughtful twist. There is no way this simple gesture won’t bring a smile on her face for the rest of the day.

For women who are fashion conscious and love to have some class in their gifts, a trendy scarf or some floral hair pins will definitely add to their beauty. Make it as point to get the hair pins in a variety of colors so as to match with most of her dresses. As for the scarf, you can get her a silk or colon scarf as per your budget and her liking. She will simply adore you for it.

Chocolates and soft toys are a woman’s all time favorite gifts. A nice cuddly teddy bear or a variety of chocolates in different shapes and sizes will be irresistible for her. There is probably no woman in the world that can resist chocolates. If weight is an issue for your better half, then instead of chocolates, a better option would be a trendy designer handbag, a good perfume or something unique like a spa massage. This will definitely surprise her.

Those in Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai can check out for great gifts to express your love to your wife or girlfriend. Go grab a gift for her and cherish that priceless smile on her face.

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