Valentine’s Day: A Day of Romance

The special occasion of Valentine’s is related to the celebration of love and mutual affection shared by a couple. It is a day when romantic hopefuls express their aspirations to their beloved. You can feel the love in the air as the occasion approaches and see various kinds of exclusive Valentine’s products being sold all around in the market. Leaving aside the commercialism, this is a day meant for lovers.  It is a day when people focus on ways to impress and express their affectionate feelings for significant others. It is a day that day to shower our love on our sweethearts and tell them just how important they are to us.

Giving gifts is one of the most remarkable and also traditional ways of confessing our love to someone. You can though buy gifts for your beloved by wandering in different stores. But,  the internet nowadays has become a contemporary medium by virtue of which you can send various kinds of gifts to impress your lover from any corner of the world and make his or her Valentine’s day special. Various products offered at these online stores are given below.

  • Flowers: This romantic event is considered to be incomplete without a bouquet of fresh romantic flowers. Although long stemmed red roses are the most romantic of all flowers, but the online florists include carnations, Gerbera, iris, tulips, orchids and lilies and make exquisite arrangements of these flowers, which convey your love in their own way. Red colored flowers are generally considered for a romantic Valentines Day bouquet as this hue denotes your passion and strong love.
  • Chocolates:  A delectable box of chocolates is a traditional favorite for Valentine’s Day. Online stores provide with a variety of flavors of chocolates for you to choose from. You can however pick a  box of chocolates that is exclusively designed for the occasion of Valentine’s day. If you want you can also pick a box of chocolates adored by your lover.
  • Teddy bears: You can find a variety of cute, cuddly teddy bears offered at the online gift stores. These are available in different colors and in different sizes ranging from small to large. You can also select a teddy bear that says ‘I Love You’ or ‘Forever Yours’ to impress your sweetheart and communicate your sentiments.
  • Cakes: You can celebrate your love and affection with a scrumptious Valentines Day cake. A variety of flavors like chocolate, black forest, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple etc. are available in varying shapes and sizes. Heart shaped chocolate cakes are very popularly ordered by lovers on the occasion of Valentine’s day.
  • Gift combos: In order to make their gifts more special, the online stores also offer various gift combos, which include the above mentioned gifts. You can send combo gifts like flowers and cake, teddy bear and chocolates, chocolates and flowers etc. These stores also allow you to customize the gift combo.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Every year, on Valentine’s Day, lovers get perplexed as to what to do to express their feelings for their beloved. Some simply go nuts figuring out what to gift and whether it will be appropriate or not. Considering the fact that this person means the world to you, compromising on the gift would be the last thing you will want to do.

To relieve you from this problem, here are some great ideas and tips on what to gift that special person in your life. These ideas are subjected to the age and sex of the person in question.

For new lovers, delicate and simple jewellery for girls and something that interests the guy will do. In the case of boys, if he is a computer geek, you can gift him some gadget that is compatible with his computer whereas if he loves games, surprise him with a fun game!

If your lover is a die hard book lover, nothing will compare to a good book of his/her interest as a gift. Such a thoughtful gesture will be enough to sweep your lover over the floor and the best thing is that it will be easy on your pocket!

Another unique idea is to make your own gift hamper with a collection of various things that your lover likes. You could put a perfume, candles, chocolates, a small card with a hand written note in it and anything else that you think will bring a smile across your lovers face.

For couples who hardly get to spend time with each other, a spa visit for both of you can give you ample time to be together far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and what’s more, it will leave both of you rejuvenated and fresher. Cheaper options could be a picnic or a candle light dinner in the cozy environs of your home.

There are some gifts that come right from the heart and they could be the most priceless gifts of all. Such a gift could be a poem written for your lover and you could gift it along with a picture of both of you framed in a custom made frame or one from the market.
Old couples can also enjoy their togetherness on this special day by sipping a cup of some traditional or herbal tea while watching an old movie or just sitting by the fire.

Valentine’s Day is a special day even for friends and family and even they deserve to be suitably gifted. Check out for unique, innovative and reasonably priced Valentine Gifts and send them to your beloved in all major cities i.e. Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.