Baby First Birthday Gift Ideas

A baby’s first birthday is a time of great joy for the whole family. The first year of a child’s life is the most exciting yet challenging one. Your baby grows from a helpless little creature to a small walking being. Parent’s often find themselves confused over what to gift their little one on its first birthday. It is a tad tricky as you just never know whether your baby will love the gift or not. The biggest trick is that the gift should be attractive and colourful. From cuddly toys to frilly dresses, the things you can gift your one year old are limitless.

Great Gift Ideas For Your Bundle Of Joy:

  1. A fancy pillow: Considering that a one year old responds to vibrant colours, a fancy colourful pillow can be a nice gift. You can get your baby’s face imprinted on the pillow. Babies love something to cuddle with and what’s better than a small soft pillow just for him/ her?
  2. A big cuddly teddy: This will definitely bring a smile across your little one’s cute face. A big teddy with your baby’s name stitched on it can be your baby’s new cuddly friend. What’s more, it can be a nice keep sake gift for your child that can always lie in his/her room as he/she grows.
  3. Story books: The importance of books for a baby can’t be emphasized enough. It’s definitely one of the best things you can gift your baby. Go for hard cover books with pictures of animals, shapes and colours. This will help your child to develop an interest in reading.
  4. A baby swing: A one year old baby can sit on his/her own. It’s the best time to get him/her a hanging swing. All you need is a strong tree branch or a beam to hang it from. You need not worry about your baby falling of from it as such swings come with seat belts and cushions.
  5. Bath Ducks: By the time a baby is one year old, he/she starts demanding play time in the bath. Rubber bath ducks are something your baby will simply adore and have lots of fun with in the water. They are brightly coloured and very fascinating for babies.

There is no dearth of the things you can gift a one year old. For a wide and exciting choice, you can check out popular online stores that specialize in baby gifts. You are sure to grab a gift that will make your baby’s first birthday a very special one. Don’t forget to capture the delight on your baby’s face upon seeing his/her gift!

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Birthday Gifts For Fiancé

When you are looking for a shopping gift for the person with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life, settling for mediocre options is something that you surely don’t want to do. If your fiancé’s birthday is coming up, and you are stumped with gift ideas to make him know how much he means to you, here are some ideas that you might find useful in aiding your search for the perfect gift:

  • A special something to be worn on your wedding day: This simple, yet thoughtful gesture is a great way to show your man how much he means to you. You can choose from a self-embroidered handkerchief with the initials of both of you, a locket with a picture of you together, a watch, or a meaningful bracelet, and include a note about how excited you are to be his wife, asking him to wear the gift on your wedding day.
  • A voucher for an adventurous experience: The options to explore here are endless- flight lessons, bungee jumping, paragliding, skid control driving, paintballing, and a lot more! You are sure to be showered with countless thanks as you make the adrenaline pump through his veins, by gifting him an experience of a lifetime.
  • Photo puzzle:  Let him/her “piece together” the love that you share with your own photo and personalized puzzle! Send a snapshot to reproduce on a sturdy, white cardboard puzzle. It will be custom personalized with any title you want — and repeats your names in the background of the design. It’s the perfect romantic present with its coordinating gift tin for convenient storage and personalized presentation!
  • Heart shaped pendants: Pendants of any material makes a very nice gift. Women love to have such a pendant in their jewelry box. So buy a heart shaped pendant in sterling silver or gold. Hang it to a silver or gold chain. This takes the message of your heart to her heart.

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Unique Birthday Gifts

Bored of usual birthday gifts and want some unique birthday gift ideas and unusual birthday gifts ideas? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Our website would give you some ideas on unique birthday gifts. Everyone gives usual birthday gifts and presents, what’s new in that? With our unique birthday gift ideas, we are sure your unique birthday gift would become the cynosure of the party.

Well before getting the ideas for unusual birthday gifts, you should be sure on some points and features about the person whom you are gifting to. Also, your heart’s proximity to that person’s heart also depends upon the gift you will be giving him/her to. If that person is from your family or from your friends group, will be influence by your unique birthday gifts idea.

  • Family: You can gift anything to your family members, but if you will come up with unique birthday gift ideas and unusual birthday gifts ideas, they’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. If you are planning to give unique birthday gifts to your son, then mobile phones, car, bike, electronic gadgets like IPod, an electronic diary, an electronic shaving razor, laptop etc can be some of the unusual birthday gifts. Similarly, for your daughters, you can come up with unique birthday gift ideas like a brand new frock/skirt/jeans, a new make-up kit, a beautiful painting, latest book of her favourite author, a scooter, watches etc.
  • Friends: For your friends, you can give unique birthday gifts like giving a treat to them in their favourite restaurant of the city, music CDs of his/her favourite artist, a musical instrument like a guitar or a flute, latest version of his/her favourite computer game, a Sony Playstation game console, an IPod etc.
  • Spouse: If you are a husband who is looking to give her wife some unusual birthday gifts or unique birthday gifts, then gifting an expensive night gown, a sari, a digital photo frame with revolving pictures of you two, taking out her to a candle light dinner to her favourite restaurant, showing her the movie which she wants to see, a new washing machine, a microwave oven (that can reduce his work load ) or a short trip etc are some of the unique birthday gift ideas. For husbands, wife can also come up with unique birthday gift ideas like an expensive watch, a formal shirt, a 12 year old bottle of whisky, a brand new wallet, a laptop, a 3G mobile phone (that can reduce his work load), a handy cam, making his favourite dish at home, a huge birthday card etc.

So, now when you have got so many unique birthday gift ideas, then you need not to go to any other website to find unique birthday gifts, as the unusual birthday gifts ideas listed on our site are really hard to find elsewhere. So, start gifting now!

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