Birthday Gifts For Him

Buying a birthday gift for men is not an easy task. You need to be very careful as men differ a lot from women in their choices and preferences. What you feel is an essential commodity might not be the same for a man. So it becomes very important that you know about his choices and preferences before you buy a gift for him.

When it comes to selecting a gift for special men in your life, you have to be very careful, no matter you that special man is your father, brother, husband, boyfriend or even a dear friend. And no other day can be better than his birthday to express your heart full of love and affection for him.

You must ensure that whatever you gift him must carry a distinct style of his personality and should also be elegant. But the kind of birthday gift that you would be presenting to a great extent depends on the relationship that you share with him. For instance, if he is your father, the gift will be totally different of what you will choose for your spouse or boyfriend. But the gift you choose must be useful and at the same time very stylish.

However, there are certain things which almost every man loves and appreciates. Almost all men are gizmo’s-freaks and would surely love being gifted a digital device such as a mobile phone, camera, laptop, i-pod and much more. A man is surely going to love these gifts, no matter how old he is. Besides these, there are several other things you can gift your man. You can choose a wrist-watch, a pair of sunglasses, shirts, sportswear, shoes, leather gifts like wallets, mobile holder, belts etc.

If you stay far away, then nothing can be better than sending gifts to your loved ones. It plays a vital role in strengthening your relation and also helping them bear your absence a little easier way. A number of online gift portals are now available which can help you in selecting and sending gift to those far away. is a long distance gift giving solution brings some special and chosen gifts for your man in India. You can choose from a diverse range of gifts for every occasion be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other festival. So what are you waiting for? Make your loved ones feel special by sending them something worthy from a wide collection of gifts at!

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Birthday Gifts For Brother

Amidst all their fights and ego-clashes, siblings share a special bond, which cannot be matched up to by any other relationship. If you are lucky enough to have an adoring brother in your life, you must not miss any chance to make him now how grateful you are for him, and how much you value his presence in your life. At times, a small token of love says it all. We have some amazing birthday gift ideas for every pocket size lined up for you!

  • A home-cooked meal: There is hardly anything that can even come close to this heartfelt gift. If you are a great cook, your brother is sure to love the idea of you cooking an exclusive meal for him. For those of you who don’t have much to boast of in the culinary department, there are always internet recipes to rely upon!
  • A brand-new gadget: Nothing can make a boy’s heart race like a new gadget can. Right from something as simple as multifunctional headphones to a cell phone, you are sure to get it right with this option. There are lots of gadgets to choose from out there- choose whatever suits your budget!
  • Office accessories: If your brother has an office of his own, office accessories like pen stands, paperweights, a diary etc. are a good idea. The best part is that they’ll stay before his eyes all day long, which means he’ll appreciate you whenever he looks at these gifts.
  • A shopping voucher at a local menswear store: If you thought that it’s only women who fantasize their dream wardrobe, you’d be surprised that men love indulging in new clothes just as much! Let your brother buy whatever he feels like by gifting him a shopping voucher for clothes.
  • A day at the spa/ beauty salon: Even though they might not admit it, men in today’s metrosexual age love to pamper themselves and look good. A treat at a spa or beauty salon might be just what your brother needs to unwind and woo the girls in his life!
  • A basket full of goodies: A basket full of chocolates is a great gift if your brother has a sweet tooth. You can throw in some assorted candies if you are looking for a gift for your little brother.

You can get all these gifts and many more, by browsing at any of the leading online stores that specialize in gifts. What’s more, by shopping online, you can avail exciting offers and discounts, and get customized gifts without having to as much as step outside your home!

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Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays hold a very special meaning in everyone’s life. For a child, it is one the most awaited occasions of the year as he/she receives loads of gifts and for an adult birthday is a perfect time to gather up with family and friends. It is a date which remains special for everyone throughout their lives. After all, it is the day when we came to this world as a happy gift for many people around!

Birthday celebrations are always marked with fun, laughter and a number of gifts in various forms. Gifts play an important role in every celebration. No birthday is said to be complete without the precious goodies wrapped in colourful paper. Just as receiving a birthday gift from your loved ones is a treat to be cherished, in the same way presenting a gift to the ones you love and see them smiling is also a treasured moment in your life. But the question which arises is “what to gift on this special occasion?” Some of the best gift ideas have been mentioned below:

If you are buying a gift for a kid, you may choose any one of the following:

  • For the newborns, baby gift hampers are ideal. It includes clothes, nappy, baby lotion, powder, towel, etc.
  • Gifting a cradle or a walker is also a sweet gesture.
  • Toys of varied styles, colour, shapes and sizes.
  • Baby bedding sets comprising quilts, blankets, sleepers, saddlers, throw blankets, and canopies etc

If you for birthday gifts for teenagers, you can choose from the following:

  • Educational toys, puzzles, video games, musical mobiles, games and puzzles, musical instruments and other learning toys.
  • VCDs, CDs and story books of their favourite cartoon characters.
  • Also can be gifted are soft toys, chocolates and cakes.

If you are looking for birthday gifts for women, you can choose from:

  • Since women have fetish for clothes, you can gift them a beautiful dress, pair of jeans or you can also take her on a shopping spree.
  • Keeping in mind your budget and her taste, you can buy her beautiful jewellery.
  • Spa gift vouchers are also great gifts for women.
  • Women love flowers. So giving roses, gerberas, carnations, lilies or any of her favourite flowers can be a good idea.

Last but not the least are the birthday gifts for men. These may include the following:

  • Leather products like wallet, belt, diary, watch box, mobile case etc.
  • Branded wrist watch, sunglasses or a pair of shoes.
  • An exotic shaving kit of his favourite brand.
  • The latest collection of his favourite movies and songs.

Today, the busy lifestyle often stands out to be a barrier when it comes to buying gifts for our near and dear ones. The best solution is opting for online gift portals. These stores let you send birthday gifts to the recipient in any part of the world. The best part is that if you are sending a gift online, you are assured that the gift will reach the hands of the recipient in the best of its form.

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Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

So, finally it’s here, your boyfriend’s birthday. No matter you have been dating since a long time or have just started with a new relationship, always try to choose an intimidating gift to make his birthday the most beautiful and special day of his life. If you want to buy something really special for him, think of all activities he’s interested in. It may include the music he likes, his hobbies or anything that makes him happy and excited.

Here are some birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend:

  1. If he loves his music, gift him an iPod so that he can enjoy listening to his favourite music on the go. But if he already has one, you can gift him new headphones, ear headphones or speakers.
  2. Buying clothes for him is a great way to enhance his overall style and to give him something that you want him to wear. But while purchasing clothing for you guy, be sure to know the correct size. Also will be beneficial if you know the type of fashion he likes. If not, you can go generic with generic printed T-shirts, hoodies etc.
  3. If your boyfriend is an office goer and spends most of his time at desk, then nothing can be better than gifting him something more personalized for his desk. You may choose from a personalized paperweight, desk globe, a framed photo or a digital photo frame etc.
  4. If he loves playing games, he is surely going to be delighted if you gift him a chess game. If he is interested in sports like golf, you can gift him some club covers or golf balls specially made for him with his name on them.
  5. Think out of the box. Forget the boring and traditional gifts like tie, socks or slippers and gift your guy the ultimate relaxation birthday present which he had always wanted. Let him get pampered and take control of his relaxation with a spa and fitness gift voucher.

We at have a variety of gifts for all the special occasions in your life. Be it a birthday, Anniversary, New Year, Christmas, Holi, Raksha Bandhan or any other festival. Our products include cakes, flowers, chocolates, fruits, sweets, teddy bears, dry fruits, champagne, wine and various gift hampers as well. We offer you round-the clock delivery services with timely shipping. We also offer personalized message card to let you express your feelings the right way.

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Birthday Gifts For Dad

No doubt your parents appreciate whatever you give them but that doesn’t mean you just get them anything! When it comes to buying birthday gift for your dad, most of you think it is quite easy because guys are usually not that picky and tend to like just about everything.

Let us make it simpler and have a look at the things which you shouldn’t gift your dad. Firstly, avoid being sentimental and giving fluffy or adorable objects. Do not gift him what he already has. Things which he had once asked for or needs are not really gifts. Do not give him CDs, DVDs or other usual boring stuffs like socks, ties etc. Try to think out of the box and choose something which he probably would not have purchased himself. But if you are still unable to come up with a birthday gift idea, your mother can surely help you out with some ideas.

Remember, men love gadgets and enjoy practical gifts. So it always good to find something related to their interests, hobbies or career. Think about what activities makes your dad the most happy and then find a gift that relates to that interest. You can also offer to spend time with him he uses your gift. The greatest gift is one that has the most thought put in it and need not necessarily be an expensive one.

Some of the most popular gifts ideas for dad are:

  • If your father loves sports, you can give him gifts related to his favorite sports. For instance, if he is a golfer, gift him golf cleats, golf balls or golf athletic wear. It would definitely encourage your dad to find some time to get outside and enjoy his favourite game of golf.
  • If your dad enjoys gardening, give him gift of items to help create a garden. Items such as seeds, plants, bulbs, tree seedlings or gardening tools will give your father a good reason to head out to the backyard and enjoy creating a garden.
  • A digital camera can also be gifted to the Dads, particularly to the techno freaks. It would give them a great opportunity to explore the new techniques of taking pictures and also help him in preserving family memories through photography.

These are just a few birthday gift ideas for dad but there are a lot more! For more gifting ideas, visit us at We are renowned for providing our customers with a huge selection of  gifts for all special occasions including  Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, Anniversary, Christmas, Holi and many more. To name a few products offered are freshly baked cakes, high quality flowers, chocolates, fruits, sweets, teddy bears, dry fruits etc.

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