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A birthday is a milestone which celebrates maturity, growth and the achievements in one’s life in past years. The tradition of celebrating birthdays began thousands of years ago. Blowing of the candles, cutting of the cake, singing ‘Happy Birthday” and receiving gifts from loved ones, these have been an integral part of birthday celebrations since then.

According to various folklore, if a person blows all the candles on the cake in one blow, it brings good luck in his/her life. Also, whatever you wish while blowing candles comes true if candles are extinguished in one blow.

Cakes are a symbol of happiness, fun, enjoyment and celebration. Not only birthday parties but other special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, farewells etc are also incomplete without cakes. They are not only yummy to taste but are also very appealing to the eyes. Cakes are so beautifully decorated that they become a centerpiece of any event.

Today, one can find uniquely designed cakes for all occasions. The most popular ones are gourmet cup cakes, baby shower cakes, picture or character cakes, cup cake bouquets or whimsical cakes et al. You can also find various themes and styles for decorating them. You can choose from marzipan, royal icing, piped butter cream, lacework, figurines, gum paste flower, rose and the list goes on.

We at Jackandgill.con have freshly baked cakes for all occasions, whether its birthday, anniversary or wedding and for all the vegetarians out there, we have a wide range of egg-less cakes. We also have a variety of gifts including fresh flowers, soft toys, chocolates, dry fruits, sweets, champagne, wine and gift hampers.  You can send any of these to your loved ones across India with our convenient delivery services and timely shipping.

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Birthday Gifts For Mother

If your mom’s birthday is coming up, why not make her realize how special she is to you? Though mothers do not want their kids to spend money on buying gifts for her but she would surely be delighted with your efforts.

Coming up with great birthday gift ideas for your mom can be a challenging task. But you would surely not want to buy something related to household chores like kitchen gadgets or a vacuum cleaner! Whatever you choose for her, make sure it reflects her personality the best. We have suggested you some gift ideas for your mom’s birthday:

  • Spa Certificate: Do not miss the golden opportunity to pamper her to the fullest on her birthday. Gift her gift certificate for a relaxing massage at a local spa. But choose carefully the types of treatments you want her to enjoy. If she has sensitive skin, then opt for mud bath or herbal wrap than chemical peel. Also can be gifted is a gift basket containing all ingredients of a spa treatment.
  • Jewelry: An elegant piece of jewelry which goes well with most of her clothes can be gifted. Choose from silver, gold or diamond earring studs. Pearls are also a versatile and classic gift that any mom would appreciate. You can also choose a simple necklace with pearls, silver or gold beads.
  • Flowers: Every woman loves flowers. Nothing can be better than gifting your mom loads of her favorite flowers on her birthday. You can choose from various bunches, vases and baskets of her favourite flowers .
  • Home Decor Gifts: Mothers love gifts related to home décor. These gifts give them the scope to add a new touch to your home. It could include anything like elegant dining sets, wall art paintings, bedroom luxuries, etc.
  • Gardening Gifts: If your mom loves gardening, gift her some tools with a personalized touch, ornamental plants, herbals plants etc. It would help her a lot in  nurturing her favorite hobby and also would be treasured by her.
  • Handbags: You can gift your mom a wonderful purse or a bag that matches her taste. These will prove to very useful to her and also make her look complete whenever she goes out.
  • Dry Fruits: Dry fruits with its natural goodness and original flavor are a great gift for your mom. You can select the various forms of packaging style and appearances of the dry fruits. Almonds, cashews and other nuts are actually a healthy birthday gift idea.

For more gifting ideas, visit us at We have a range of birthday gifts like cakes, fresh flowers, chocolates, fruits, sweets, soft toys, dry fruits, champagne, wine and various gift hampers.

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Birthday Gifts For Sister

Truly said, having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, she will still be there for you. A sister is the one who makes you smile even when you are sad, who gives you the shoulder to cry, who saves candies for you and above all, she is the one who makes you feel mom loves her more than you! She has been there sharing every moment of your life and now when it’s her birthday, it’s for you to share her joy with a special gift.

No matter you have a bossy big sister or a fussing younger one, she deserves the best gift! So give her something which makes her feel you love and care a lot for her regardless of all those rows. The following collection of Birthday gifts will surely make it easier for you to select the best gift for your loving sister:

  1. Album with your snaps: Collect all your pictures right from the childhood to the present ones. Arrange them creatively in an album or scrapbook along with some fun and loving quotes scribbled in between the pictures. This will the loveliest birthday gift you can ever gift her.
  2. Personalized gifts: You can gift her pendant or a bracelet with her name initials or her birth stone in it. You can also opt for customized wine glass set or scented candles.
  3. Soft toys: Girls love soft toys, no matter how old they are. So, gifting your sister adorable and cuddly teddy bear is a nice thought. You can choose a teddy bear having a sister bear by its side. It will certainly strengthen your bond and act as a special token of your love on her birthday. You can also find soft toys in many other characters like cartoon characters, film characters, and famous personalities etc.
  4. Chocolates and cookies: She is crazy about chocolates right? Almost every girl is. Gift your sister a box of her favourite chocolates, candies or cookies.
  5. Hooded Sweatshirt: This season is perfect to wear sweatshirts. Gifting a warm and trendy sweatshirt of her favourite colour is a nice way to keep her in the warmth of your love and care.
  6. Handbags: If your sister loves handbags, gift her nice trendy handbag keeping in mind her age group and requirements. If she is school going, get her a backpack. If she is a college goer, give her a trendy and rough and tough bag and if she a working woman, get her a stylish as well as spacious bag.
  7. Spa treat: Make her feel pampered in spas. Get a paid appointment in a good spa and make your sister get relaxed, happier and feel special. She is surely going to remember this gift throughout her life.

For more gift ideas, visit us at, one of the most renowned online gifting portals in the country.  We have an array of gift articles for every special occasion of your life, be it Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Friendship’s Day, Valentine’s Day and many more.

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Birthday Gifts For Girlfriend

Have you ever wondered why two people who are in love, give gifts to one another? It is just because nothing stirs romantic feelings like receiving and presenting a lovable gift from/to one’s beloved. Though gifts must not be treated as crutch for a relationship, using them once in a while is a great way to show your beloved how thoughtful and caring you are.

If you are confused about what gift to give your girlfriend on her birthday, we at are here to help you with some best birthday gifts ideas. Since you know your girl the best i.e. what she likes, what kind of person she is, what she loves doing in her spare time and what would make her life easier, you can look for a perfect gift for her accordingly. But in case you are not aware of her likings or if you are planning to surprise her, then it is time to let your imagination fly high.

Almost every woman in this world is passionate about wearing jewellery, be it gold or diamond.  If you are serious about the relationship, then just go for it. Gifting jewellery will not only serve as a birthday gift but will also be a prelude to furthering your relationship. You can gift her pendant, pearl set or diamond studded earrings. Also, a jewel studded purse sounds perfect.

Gifting her personal accessories is also a nice idea. You can gift her trendy footwear, cosmetics, dresses, scarves, semi-precious or costume jewellery, stoles, watches or anything that she can add up to her wardrobe.

We all know that women love to be pampered. Taking her to a spa treatment or beauty store is an appreciable thought. It will surely make her feel rejuvenated, relaxed and happy. Another option is to gift her erotic massage oil, soaps, aromatic candles or a bath range.

Flowers, particularly roses are said to be the most expressive and romantic gifts of all. Find out what her favourite flower is and gift her a bunch or bouquet of it. However, the most popular flowers are roses, carnations, orchids, lilies, daisies, gerberas and Chrysanthemums. You can also send her a mixed bouquet of these flowers. She will surely like at least one of them!

Birthday gift baskets containing her favourite flowers, chocolates, stuffed toy and perfumes is also a great gift for your girlfriend. You can go creative and add a lot more stuff to this basket. You can add a CD of her favourite songs, a cute dress, her favourite book (if she loves to read), a bottle of wine and much more.

For more gift ideas for your girl, visit us at We have a g=range of beautiful gifts ranging from fresh flowers, chocolates, cakes, soft toys, sweets, fruits to wine and champagne. You name it and we have it.

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Birthday Gifts For Her

If you are planning to surprise your wife on her birthday with fabulous gifts, you have come to right place. brings to you the ultimate gift suggestions for your better half. Shopping for a present for your wife is no doubt a difficult process, but the following helpful tips will surely guide you in choosing the best gift for her this birthday:

  • Jewellery Items: Jewellery is said to be an all time favourite gift amongst the womenfolk. Gifting your wife beautiful diamond jewellery set is a great idea. But if it sounds a bit expensive, you can also gift her simple chain with a heart shape pendant, earrings, a bracelet or even semi precious stone jewellery. Fortunately, jewellery is available at all price tags and you can buy something that fits in your budget. But always remember that whatever you buy, must match your wife’s personality and attitude.
  • Clothes: Ranked as second favourite by a majority of women, clothes are again a perfect birthday present for your wife. To buy the right kind of clothes, you must be aware of her tastes. Accordingly, choose from Western, Indian, ethnic, party wear or even night wears.
  • Cosmetics and accessories: If your wife is crazy about perfumes, gifting her a collection of her favourite perfumes and deodorants is a good option.You can also gift her a range of bathing care products, which can include a body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash gel, moisturizer and massage oil. Branded nail paints and lipsticks can also be gifted.
  • Home décor products: If your wife loves interior designing, you can gift her a book on home décor. You can also gift her some decorative showpieces for home décor. If she loves to cook, recipe books can be gifted. You can also gift her latest kitchen appliances which may be of great help to her in the kitchen.
  • Gift vouchers/Shopping spree: It is a universal fact that women love shopping. If you want to bring that big smile on your wife’s face, nothing could be better than gifting her a gift voucher. You can also take her out for a shopping spree to her favourite shopping destination.
  • Birthday Cakes: Surprise your wife by sending birthday cakes of different lip-smacking flavours. You can make your choice from chocolate flavoured cakes to strawberry, vanilla, pineapple and butterscotch flavoured cakes.
  • Gift hampers: Gift items like fresh flower bouquets, chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, accessories and soft toys can be sent with the help of birthday hampers.

However, if you stay outside the country and want to send gifts to India to your wife, we at are at your service. We are the best online gifting portal which can assist you in this regard. With just one click you can send amazing gifts to your wife within no time. We have a variety of gift items for every special occasion of your life. With our site you can send gifts from India as well as from other countries. The products offered here include Birthday cakes, flowers, gift hampers, chocolates, soft toys and much more.

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