Finding the Perfect Valentine Gift Has Never Been Easier!

The most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s day is around the corner. On this occasion, all people especially couples celebrate the love and care that they share and also make vows to continue further with the same spirit. A Valentine’s day gift is one of the most remarkable features of this occasion. You can make this day more special for your beloved with various gifts. There are various online stores that save you from going places and making efforts for buying a gift for your loved ones. Our store, Jack and Gill, is one of those. We offer a plenty of gift options for you to choose from.  You can also customize your Valentine’s gift the way you want and we assure to deliver good quality products at affordable prices. Take a look at the products that we have to offer exclusively for Valentine’s Day.

  • Fresh flowers: The celebrations of this special occasion of love remains incomplete without involving flowers. You can choose from a wide variety of fresh flowers like Gerbera, lilies, orchids, carnations, tulips and roses for the  valentine flower arrangement. Each of the flowers symbolizes your deep sentiments and conveys your love to your sweetheart. Since it is Valentine’s, you should not forget about the 5-Day serenade that speaks of your love everyday in different hues and different quantity of roses. Instead of buying individual bouquets for everyday, we offer a special package, the 5-day serenade ordering which, you will have to pay just once for all the five bouquets and we guarantee to deliver the exact bouquet on every consecutive day. The price of ordering 5-Day serenade is quite less than ordering for individual bouquets.
  • Teddy bears: a cute and cuddly teddy bear is a perfect gift that your girlfriend is sure to like. We, at Jack and Gill have a wide variety of teddy bears ranging from pink, brown and white. Depending upon your choice, you can pick a larger one, medium or small. All of them are available at affordable prices.
  • Chocolates: you can also order for different chocolates from our store and get it delivered right at the doorstep of your beloved. We have a variety of flavors of chocolates for you to select. For the occasion of valentine we also have special combos of chocolates and flowers or chocolates with teddy bears. You can either send a box of chocolates or you can also go with these combos to make the day more special for your beloved.
  • Cakes: we also offer special cakes  in various flavors that include Strawberry, Vanilla, Black Forest, Chocolate, Mud cake and Pineapple cake. All of these are available in different shapes and sizes. A combo of heart shaped chocolate cake along with an elegant bouquet of red roses is perfect to impress your valentine.

Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Every lover eagerly awaits for the Valentine’s day as on this day they get the opportunity to impress their beloved and tell them how special they are. Thereby, exchanging of romantic and warm Valentine’s Day special gifts and greetings is one of the major parts of this popular event. This Valentine’s day celebrates your love with a special heart shaped memento or heart shaped gifts and make your sweetheart feel special. These amazing heart shaped gifts mentioned below will let your beloved know how much you love him/her.

  • Heart shaped coffee mugs: A coffee mug in the shape of heart is a perfect gift to show that you are head over heals in love with your significant other. Every time he or she sips coffee or milk from this mug, your memories will definitely envelope the ambiance making your loved one more in love with you. You can also personalize this heart shaped coffee mug with a love message signed by you. This kind of coffee mug makes sure that your beloved feels the love whenever he/she drinks from it, even if they can’t read it in your eyes.
  • Heart shaped candies: For those with a sweet tooth, a box of heart shaped candies known as sweethearts is a perfect Valentine’s gift. These classic romantic candies are a perfect token of affection that shows your love in a sweet way. You can also get each of the candy personalized with a romantic message.
  • Heart shaped candles: Another romantic Valentine’s day gift for your beloved are heart shaped candles. You can find these in variant colours and in different sizes. A heart shaped aromatic candle is just perfect to be gifted to your sweetheart. You can cook his/her favorite dish for dinner and imbibe the feeling of romance in the air with these heart shaped candles. To create a memorable night.  The heart shaped candles will make a beautiful gentle setting and make the occasion of Valentine’s more special for your partner.
  • Heart shaped pillows:  You can select a cute, cuddly and absolutely heart shaped plush pillow are just perfect to say ‘I love you’ throughout the year. With a heart shaped pillow you can add  love and romance to the ambiance of any room this Valentine’s Day. This pillow will look great on your bed or sofa. You can also personalise it with a photo and/or a message to make a unique gift for your beloved on valentine’s day.

What Do The Different Colors Of Roses Signify?

Roses are considered to be the most charming an elegant of all flowers. A bouquet of roses is an international language of symbolic communication that can express human feelings in the most beautiful way. Each of the different colors of these flowers has a different meaning indicates the spectrum of human feelings including love, friendship, gratefulness and many more.They are used to convey some special message to the recipient. Given below are the various different meanings associated with many common colors of roses.

  • Red Roses: From recent times, red roses have been associated with love, passion and closeness between two loving souls A bunch of these romantic roses enhances the love amongst a couple and is therefore popularly used to prepare a Valentine’s day bouquet by florists.A bouquet where the buds of red rose are used are commonly used to express love for the first time. Whereas, fully bloomed red roses indicate the message that ‘I still love you’ and show that you care for the recipient.
  • Yellow Roses: Yellow roses simply indicate friendship and happiness. A single yellow rose or a bouquet of yellow roses symbolizes your deep feeling of friendship and also shows your platonic care for the recipient. They also symbolize domestic happiness, warmth and joyfulness. These flowers are also appropriate to express sympathy.
  • Pink Roses: Pink is one of the most delicate and fragile colors and is very commonly associated with femininity. A pink colored rose indicates elegance, gentility, softness and poetic romance. You can give a bouquet of pink roses to an extremely sensitive person to cheer them up and bring a smile on their faces. Pink color is also related to affection , admiration and babyish charms and therefore a bouquet of pink roses are an appropriate gift for a new mother.
  • White Roses: White color usually depicts peace and devotion. White roses are therefore used in a place of worship for decorations and offerings. It also symbolizes purity, loyalty and innocence. A white rose is thereby a natural choice of flowers used for decorations at weddings and even for bridal bouquets. These can also be mixed with red roses and express pure love and true feelings towards the recipient.
  • Purple Roses: You can present a bouquet of purple roses to your beloved that express your majestic and eternal love. A purple roses also implicate love at first sight or the beginning of true feelings. These flowers are quite suitable for anniversaries, particularly 25th wedding anniversary. Giving purple roses also indicate your enchanting love and also that you are entranced by the recipient.

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Mother’s Day Gift Chandigarh

Mother’s Day is that time of year when our mums take centre stage. This Mother’s Day, Mother's Day Gifts Chandigarhtreat your mom without blowing the budget. Here are some fun and clever ways to surprise her.

  • The gift of time: Make your mom feel extra special this by doing something that she knows you don’t normally do. If your mom runs every morning, get up and go for a run with her. If she goes to book club meetings, go to one with her! Or you could also spend the day with her on Mother’s Day. Whether it’s a picnic or a trip to the movies, the simple gift of time could be your best gift yet.  Make sure you devote the entire day doing whatever she wants.
  • Cook her favourite meal: Your mom has always been cooking you a good meal for you, so why not turn the tables and cook your mom her favourite meal. Whether it’s a toasted cheese sandwich or a yummy cake, taking time to prepare her favourite meal will go down a treat. You can also take her out for a meal, look for restaurants that have her favourite cuisines.
  • Restore her childhood memories: Hidden away somewhere in a closet, cabinet or chest of drawers is likely to be a memorable gift from your mom’s childhood. Whether it’s a fluffy toy, an ornament or a letter from a long lost pen pal, there will be something that needs restoration. It may only need a battery, re-stitching, framing or a fresh coat of paint, but restoring one of her favourite childhood memories could prove to be your most thoughtful present yet.
  • Basket of love: You could fill a basket or pot with things your mom loves, like chocolates, fruit, soft toys or any other favourite items. You can also add little notes or messages telling her what you are thankful for. Whether they are moments you have shared together or words that bring back special memories, your attention to detail will be greatly appreciated by her.
  • Share the cost: If you decide to buy a Mother’s Day gift, try and share the cost with your siblings. Pooling your money to buy a present will not only save you money, but it will also give you a little extra to buy your mom that special gift.

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Mother’s Day Gift Pune

Mother’s Day is all about honouring our mothers and telling them how much we love them Mothers Day Gifts Puneand care for them. This can be best done by spending quality time with them and showering them with loads of gifts and. But not every one of us is so lucky to get a chance to celebrate Mother’s Day at home or to visit our mom. If you too won’t be able to celebrate Mother’s Day at home this year, sending gifts through online gift stores is a fantastic idea.

Below have been listed some of the Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  • Send Flowers: Flowers are fairly traditional way of celebrating the day, especially if you are unable to visit her. They are beautiful, fragrant, and usually something your mom would never buy for herself. A couple of particularly beautiful bouquets are white roses, carnations or a bouquet of mixed flowers.
  • Jewellery: It ranks right up there with flowers. Since every woman loves jewellery, you can never go wrong with it. Notice the jewellery she wears so that you have an idea of what she likes. You can choose from gems, gold, silver, and pearls. You can also gift her a birthstone studded jewellery.
  • Clothes: Be careful while selecting apparels for her. Take a few weeks to just notice her tastes. Find out which is her favourite shopping destination, her favourite colour, and listen to see if she mentions anything that she needs to get now.
  • Gift Certificates: If she likes to read, give her gift certificate to a local bookstore. If she has a favourite restaurant, then get her gift certificates there. If she likes to shop at an on-line store, then contact them and find out if they offer gift certificates. It’s hard to mess up on a gift certificate because she is the one who ultimately chooses the gift.

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Mumbai Mother’s Day Flowers

The things that mothers do are never easy. The kind of devotion they give to their Mothers Day Gifts Mumbaikids is strong and so once a year, a day is dedicated to mothers. On Mother’s Day, children pool in their resources to think of special ways to express their gratitude and love for their loving moms. If you too are thinking of giving her a special gift, why not give her flowers!

Flowers have a unique way of making women smile. It does not matter what kind of woman she is, she will definitely appreciate a flower gift on this special day. Flowers can say so much that you perhaps have no words for, and they are something that she will treasure. She can display them on her table to brighten the room and look at every day.

Flower delivery is a very creative way to surprise anyone and even if you are far and cannot be with her during her special day, you can still make her feel special by having some flowers delivered at her doorstep. But keep in mind the following points:

  • Know her choice: Make sure to consider her favourite flower. Women are very particular about their preference and if you get it right, they will appreciate it even more.
  • Presentation: It is very important too. Nowadays, you can order several kinds of flower arrangements so that the flowers can look even more presentable. Women love all things pretty and a beautiful arrangement will score high and will definitely make your gift unforgettable.
  • Ensure timely delivery: Customise your delivery preference. Ask the delivery service if you have an option to make specific instructions as to how the delivery would be made. Mothers love to feel special and if you can create small scenes where she would feel like a star, then it would definitely touch her heart differently.

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Pune Mothers Day Gifts

Mother’s day serves as a golden opportunity for every one of us to express our Mothers Day Gifts Punedeep-felt gratitude towards our mom. It is a day to thank her for her undying love and support. Though we can never repay for whatever she has done, but we can surely do little things to make her feel happy and special on Mother’s day. When our mom can toil every single day of the year to make our life contented, we must definitely try to make this special day a comfortable one in every sense of the word for her.

Though Mother’s day is celebrated on different days throughout the world, the feelings and emotions associated with this day is same everywhere. While countries like India, US, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey and Australia celebrate Mother’s day on the second Sunday of May, there are others, like UK and Ireland, which celebrate it on the fourth Sunday in the month. There are yet other countries, like Mexico, which celebrates mother’s day on 10th of May, every year. Dates may differ but the spirit of the occasion remains the same, which is to celebrate Motherhood.

Mother’s day gifts ideas:

  • Flowers: When you intend to celebrate Mother’s day say it with flowers to your mom, that she is the best mom in the whole world. You can gift her beautiful bouquet of red roses, mixed flowers, orchids, gerberas or lilies.
  • Cakes: You can gift her yummy cake of her favourite flavour. She would just love Get her an online cake delivery which would surprise her on mother’s day. You can get the cake delivery done to her name which would please her a lot.
  • Chocolates: You can order chocolates online and surprise your mom. She will be unaware of anything until the gift arrives. You can quietly order online without letting her know.
  • Soft toys: The combination of flowers and soft toys are really best way to greet your mom on this approaching Mother’s day.

We at JackandGill can help you send flower to any location in Pune pronto. Our exotic flowers like roses, carnations, lilies, orchids and gerberas are perfect for not only Mother’s Day but for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries as well. In addition to flower arrangement we also offer you a range of affordable gift products like include freshly baked cakes, high quality flowers, chocolates, fruits, sweets, soft toys, dry fruits, champagne, wine and various gift combos.

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Delhi Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is attributed to the celebration of womanhood. It is the day to Mothers Day Gifts Delhicelebrate not only the involvement of a mother in nurturing her kids but also her contribution to the society at large. It is a day to make us remember that it is because of our moms that today we are perfectly grown-ups. Our mom is the person who took us under her protection right from the day we were born.

Strangely, despite of our busy schedules, we manage to thank our friends, co-workers and everyone who has helped us in one way or the other. But none of us thank our moms for bringing us up and turning us into what we are today. She surely deserves to be pampered a lot, loved a lot and cared a lot on this Mother’s Day! Following gift ideas may help you out in choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her:

  • Flowers: Flowers signify love, gratitude, loyalty and many other emotions. Gifting flowers to your mama is a sweet way of saying ‘I love you and I care’. Find out which is her favourite flower and gift her exotic arrangement of the same or a small and adorable bouquet (as per your budget allows).
  • Jewellery: If you are looking for a special gift for your mom, then jewellery is a nice idea, especially if your mom is fond of wearing jewellery. If you can afford, then a fine piece of jewellery on Mother’s Day will speak more than a thousand words. Your mom will surely feel pampered with this lovely gift.
  • Chocolates: Everyone knows women and chocolates always go together! Chocolates are not only yummy to taste but they are also said to release feel-good chemicals in the brains. So, it is surely the best way to make your mom feel good on Mother’s Day.

No matter that you gift your mom on Mother’s Day, the best gift you will be giving her is the feeling that you thought of making her day special and made a sweet effort to make her feel pampered and loved. If your mom lives in New Delhi, you can send her a beautiful Mother’s Day gifts through JackandGill, a renowned online gifting store in India. They offer you an array of affordable and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift products.

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Send Mother’s Day Flowers To Chandigarh

Mother’s Day is a day to remember the woman who brought you in this world. Your Mothers Day Gifts Chandigarhmother is the special person in your life who has done, and perhaps is still doing so much in her role as a mother. Not just your mother, but also your grand mom, mother-in-law and (if you are a father) the mother of your kids. These are the women who have helped you in shaping your life and turning you into what you are today. They have sacrificed a great deal to bring a smile on your face and ensure that all your needs were met throughout life.

This Mother’s Day, gift your mom beautiful flowers which she really loves and show her that you appreciate who she is and what she has done for you. Giving her a beautiful flower arrangement, flower bouquet, basket, vase or even a single rose is a great way to show your appreciation and make her smile on this special day. Being a mother is challenging and most of the time a mother feels that her work goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Gifting her beautiful flowers is a great way to make her feel that you do notice all the things she does and appreciate the difficult job she has each day.

There are numerous types of flowers and flower arrangements to choose from. But whether you opt for a single rose in a bud vase or an elaborate bouquet of flowers like lilies, roses, carnations, gerberas and other exotic flowers will depend on the preferences of your mom and your budget, but there is something that will please everyone so you can easily find the suitable choice of flowers for Mother’s Day for the woman you love.

We at JackandGill can help you send flower delivery to any location in Chandigarh as well as to other cities across India. Our exotic flowers like roses, carnations, lilies, orchids and gerberas are perfect for not only Mother’s Day but for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries as well. In addition to flower arrangement we also offer you a range of affordable gift products like include freshly baked cakes, high quality flowers, chocolates, fruits, sweets, soft toys, dry fruits, champagne, wine and various gift combos.

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Bangalore Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re still trying to decide what to get for the Mothers Day Gifts Bangaloremost important woman in your life, check out this list of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that are sure to please

Some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas have been mentioned below:

  • Take the traditional breakfast-in-bed idea a step further. Put together a basket of her favorite magazines and snacks to accompany her breakfast. Then leave her alone for the morning while she enjoys some time just for herself.
  • Make a scrapbook of favorite moments together. Either make one the old-fashioned way or use one of the many online photo sites out there.
  • Purchase a subscription to an online genealogy service so she can research her family history and make connections with the past
  • Plant a small garden of her favorite plants or flowers. For an even more personal touch, get the kids to paint some ceramic markers for the garden.
  • Arrange for her to spend a weekend away with her sister, mom or best friend. Write a note or two to slip into her luggage.
  • Buy her a piece of jewelry, but make it a sentimental piece. Look for necklaces, bracelets, charms that represent her family. Lockets are always special!
  • Give a gift card to her favorite salon or spa. Moms are often too busy taking care of their families to focus on themselves, so give her a day of being pampered!
  • Make an appointment to have a family portrait taken. Include the whole family if possible. Frame it or have it printed on an art canvas for her to treasure for years to come.

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