Send Valentine’s Day Flowers To Delhi

This Valentine’s day express your love by giving beautiful roses or a bunch of colourful, vibrant flowers to your beloved living in Delhi. Gifting flowers are considered to be the purest and the most expressive ways of saying how much you love him or her. There is no better gift than flowers, for a day full of love, warmth and romance. You should consider the following options in flowers for your beloved:

  • Roses: A bunch of red roses always works wonders – it will surely uplift your beloved’s mood. Red roses are associated with love and romance. Grab your beloved’s attention on your special Valentine’s Day and make it even more beautiful and pleasant. Different colors of roses convey different and beautiful meanings. Red roses signify love and passion. – a single red rose signify love, a dozen of them shows gratitude, while a bunch of more than 50 signifies unconditional love. Pink roses express thankfulness, appreciation and deep admiration for her or him. Yellow roses are associated with warmth, friendship and optimism.
  • Tulips: Tulips look beautiful and are mesmerizing; their freshness captivates the surrounding environment. Make your beloved feel extra special on Valentine ’s Day with pink, yellow, purple or red tulips. Add a touch of warmth and freshness by surprising your partner with a mixed bunch of tulips – they look extravagant and pleasing! Yellow tulips connect us to cheerfulness; purple tulips signify royalty, while the red ones symbolize true love.
  • Gerbera: Gerbera is the most sought-after flower. It has a different aura and a sweet fragrance that fills your mood with freshness, affection and fondness. A bunch of orange gerbera reflects grace, trust and beauty. Orange has the properties of enlightening the mood, thus gift your loved one a bunch of gerbera flowers.
  • Carnations: Carnations come in a wide range of beautiful colors. They express fascination, good luck and love; and each color symbolizes a unique meaning. Turn your special day into a romantic one with a bunch of beautiful carnations.
  • Casa Blanca Lilies: Casa Blanca lilies stand for elegance and beauty. If you know your partner very well and you love her or him to the core, present a single or a bunch of casa Blanca lilies to give your day a romantic kick-start.
  • Orchids: Orchids look beautiful and graceful. They symbolize strength, love and beauty. Apart from this, orchids stay for a little longer than other flowers and are usually exchanged between married couples.

If you are looking to send exotic flowers to your beloved, just go ahead and order your favorite flower from the variety available and spread happiness to your special ones living in Delhi. To place an order you can also call us at (+91) 8288024441 or (+91) 8288024442.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Valentine’s Day is that part of the year when you so want to tell your beloved how much you love her! There could be no better day than the Valentine’s day for expressing your love; and when you do that by presenting her beautiful and pleasant gifts, it makes the V-day all the more special. Make her happy this Valentine’s week. Here are some of the gifts that you should consider surprising your girlfriend or your wife with:

  • Flowers: This is one of the most common and yet the most pleasing surprises of all. Gifting flowers is a wonderful way of expressing your love for her. Slip in a love note in the bunch of flowers and give it to her early in the morning to give a romantic kick-start to the day. Women hugely appreciate Gerbera flowers – buy her a bunch of these flowers in vibrant colors.
  • Chocolates: Every woman loves the scrumptious taste of chocolates. Amaze her by giving her a box full of different varieties of chocolates, preferably in heart shape – to give a Valentine touch!
  • Cake: Order a heart-shaped or simple round-shaped chocolate cake, strawberry cake, black forest cake or a photo cake for her– the choices are aplenty. Light a candle on it and write a special message on the cake for your special one.
  • Teddy: A very good way of saying you love her s by giving a teddy to her. This beautiful gift is sure to remind her of you each time she sees it.
  • A Letter: Although this is a traditional way of impressing your beloved – it is still considered the most powerful way of making her happy and romantic. Write a letter to her stating her qualities that attract you towards her, praising her beauty and her nature. Let her know that she means the most to you.
  • A Pair of Beautiful Earrings: Women love flaunting off accessories. Give your beloved a reason to express her love for you. A pair of earrings or danglers will make her feel special and close to you.
  • A Ring: Buy her a beautiful finger ring embedded with diamonds. Take her out on a romantic dinner in open space. Gently adjust the ring in her fingers and let her know you are madly in love with her.

Apart from these, a basket of Cadbury’s basket, dry fruit basket, greeting card and soft toys are great to gift if you want to impress your beloved. Make your Valentine`s day a special one by gifting her lovely gifts.

We, at offer a wide gamut of flowers and gifts for Valentines Day. To order, feel free to call us at (+91) 8288024441 or (+91) 8288024442.