Holi Gift Ideas For Kids

Exchanging gifts with your near and dear ones during festivals is a tradition. It is considered as one of the most wonderful ways to express your love and warm wishes. As the festival of Holi is around the corner, everyone is in a joyful and fun filled mood. The excitement is everywhere especially among kids. When it comes to finding Holi gifts for kids there are a variety of options to choose from. These include the following:

  • Holi color packs and pichkaris: Kids would love to receive water guns or pichkaris from you as a Holi gift. You can get a variety of pichkaris in the market in different colors, shapes and sizes. They would rather be surprised and excited if they get a water gun of their choice as a Holi gift. You can enhance their joy by getting lots of natural Holi color packs and ensure a safe Holi for them.
  • Toys and games: Kids love to get toys and games as presents for any occasion. Therefore it won’t be a bad idea if you get them their favorite toys or some board games as a Holi gift. For your little princess you can get Barbie dolls like Doctor Barbie, Cute Doll, Barbie & Ken, Sweet Doll, Princess Rosella, Cute Barbie, Fashionista Barbie or Trendy Barbie Doll. For your little boy you can get Hot Wheels Cars, Funskool games, Electronic Toys, Kids Bicycle and video games. Soft toys and plush toys resembling your kids’ favorite cartoon characters can also be gifted to your kids this Holi. They would enjoy playing with their favorite cartoon character.
  • Educational games: You can opt for some educational game like Medical Kit Restage, Scrabble, Shapes and Colors, Learning is Fun, Color Match, Zoo, Learning ABC, First Memory and many more, which will not only be appreciated by your kid when he plays it but will also learn things as he grows  while playing.
  • Chocolates and candies: Another great gift idea for Holi is to treat the kids with their favorite chocolates and savories. Gift them a box full of their favorite chocolates they would certainly receive it with pleasure. You can also prepare a Holi gift basket that includes his favorite chocolates, candies, jellies, toffees, cakes, and mouthwatering sweets and cookies. This gift basket would surely be appreciated by your kid.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

A birthday is a special day for all people in life. You can make this even more better by sending them a gift they will appreciate. But selecting a perfect birthday present is one of the difficult tasks in life. It becomes more difficult when you have to select for a man as he may not be all that easy to shop for. You have to look for a thing that according to you has been really tailored for him. Given below is a list of Birthday gifts that will surely be liked by the any man.

  • Gift baskets: A gift basket containing his favorite edible goodies like cupcakes, Brownies, chocolates, candies, jelly beans, gel candies and all other such eatables that he likes. If he is an avid reader then you can stuff the basket with some books that you think he would like to read and also include a gift certificate to one of the bookstores where he can find the books of his choice. You can also stuff the gift basket with his favorite  DVDs and CDs. You can also include a pair of noise free headphones in the basket so that he can listen to his favorite music or watch his favorite movie without any external noise.
  • Edible gifts: Any man would appreciate a gift, which he relishes. Present him with his favorite chocolates and also carry a cake of his favorite flavor to his place. Celebrate his big day with a piece of the cake. You can also create a bouquet not of flowers but made up of his favorite chocolates, candies, jellies, gems and all such kind of eatables. He would love to receive such unique bouquet from you.
  • Gadgets: if the man who has to be celebrated happens to be a gadget lover, then considering a gadget to gift him would be a good idea. You can choose to present him a gadget of his interests. If he is a music lover then you can get gift him an iPod or mp3 player. If he likes to collect watches, then you can get him an executive watch or a sports watch or any other kind of watch that he is looking for to add to his collection. You can also get him the latest cell phone or a laptop if your pocket allows.
  • Perfume: Men’s fragrances including perfumes, EDT spray deodorants etc. can also be great gifts for a birthday of a man. You can buy him any of the branded perfumes like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Hugo or Ralph Lauren. Or you can go with his regular brand of perfume.

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