Holi Gifts In Chandigarh

With Holi, the festival of colors right around the corner, the whole nation is gearing up to celebrate the onset of spring season. This festival is one of the most boisterous and fun filled festival of all Hindu festivals. People rub gulal on each other’s faces, hug and wish each other ‘Happy Holi!’ It is also wonderful time to send blessings and love to our near and dear ones wrapped in special gifts.

Holi gifts play a major role in strengthening your relationship with your loved ones by making them feel special. So you must keep in mind that the gift you choose must emit a positive vibration and must covey the feeling of love and respect for the recipient. Following are some of the most suitable items which you can gift your loved ones this Holi:

  • Sweets: A pack of sweets is one of the most traditional and popular Holi gift. Nothing can be better than showing your love and respect to your friends and family than with delicious sweets and guijiyas.
  • Dry fruits: Dry fruits have gained a lot of popularity these days. More and more people are opting for dry fruits than sweets as a gift on Holi. You can choose from an array of dry fruits offered in designer boxes and packaging.
  • Holi color pack: You can gift beautifully packed gulal, sprays, water colors and balloons to your loved ones.
  • Chocolates: These are favorite gifts for all chocolates lovers particularly kids. A box of chocolates or candies of various flavors can be gifted to your near and dear ones.
  • Apparels: Gift your relatives and friends beautifully designed apparels this Holi. These are not only colorful but also very useful.
  • Hampers: The popular hampers available in the market include beautifully designed trays with sweets, diyas, Holi colors, Idols etc. These include almost all gifts and thus are most suitable of all gifts.
  • Idols: You can choose from the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha, Ganesha etc as per your preference. These are considered to be the best way to impart devotional feelings.
  • Flowers: Flowers are the sweetest way to bring joy and love in the lives of our loved ones. You can gift beautiful bunches and bouquets of flowers such as roses, carnations, lilies, daisies, gerberas etc.

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Best Valentine’s Gifts For Your Friends

Here’s one for those who wish to think outside the box, and extend Valentine’s Day beyond the hackneyed romantic love. If you wish to make all the special people in your life know how much they mean to you, there could be no way better to do that than to buy them exclusive Valentine’s gifts. We’ve put together a list of Valentine’s gifts that are great to present to your best friends, and tell them just how much you love them!

  • A treat at the spa/ massage parlor: If you have a group of exhausted buddies who seem in dire need of a good night’s sleep, the best thing that you can gift them is a spa treat. Gift your besties a gift coupon for a pedicure, head massage or back rub, and make them feel on top of the world, this Valentine’s Day!
  • Fresh flowers: Nothing can match the effect of a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered at one’s doorstep first thing in the morning. Make someone feel incredibly special with this meaningful gift!
  • A scrumptious chocolate cake: If you wish to have some pure fun, then a chocolate cake is all that you need. Just call over your best buddies, and dig into the layers of chocolate. A great way to bond, and a treat to relish!
  • Feng shui gifts: If you are on a budget and have a long list of friends to cater to, these little good luck charms can make for great gifts. Lucky coins, bells and lockets, are just a few of the endless options that you can consider!
  • Jewelry: An exquisite piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for your most special friend. Right from a lovely pendant to a bracelet with meaningful charms, you have a wide array of choices to choose from!
  • Teddy bears: Everyone loves to have a teddy bear to hug, and these colorful little creatures definitely brighten up the milieu wherever they go. Let your friend know you’ll always be there with a cute teddy!
  • Mugs with quotes: Friendship and mugs go perfectly together. You can get some wonderful mugs with heart-touching quotes, which are a great way to let your friends know that you value them. Not only does this fall within a low budget, but it is something that they will actually use.

To wish your friend a Happy Valentine’s Day, visit us at JackandGill.com and choose from a wide range of amazing gifts. We offer excellent home delivery services across India including Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Men

Gift options for women have no end, with jewelry, handbags, accessories and apparel scoring as popular options. However, when it comes to men, the poor girls have to put in some major creativity, to choose a gift that will please their special someone, while falling within their budget. If you are going through the same dilemma, then our list of Valentine’s gift ideas for men might be just what you need! Read on to try your luck at selecting the perfect gift for your Mr. Perfect.

  • Apparel for men: If you are bored of seeing him in the same old t-shirts and jeans, then Valentine’s Day might be the perfect occasion to help him experiment with a new look. Gift him just what you would wish to see him in, no matter how different it is from his personal style!
  • Artistic handmade gifts: Even though they might not show it, men love it when you go out of the way to do something for them. Put in that extra effort and use all the craft skills you’ve learnt over the years, to create a handmade gift for him. It could be something as simple as a candle or an embroidered or a wall-hanging.
  • Men’s perfumes: An expensive perfume is something that most men would wish to have, but few would splurge on. Buy him that sensuous fragrance that you find irresistible, and enjoy your gift as much as he does.
  • Customized photo gifts: Even though some might argue that this idea has become obsolete, yet there is something about seeing your picture on a gift, which makes you feel incredibly special. If you haven’t yet tried this, you really should!
  • Gadgets for him: Gadgets are that one thing that no man can ever get enough of. If your budget allows it, then this is definitely the best gift that you can present to your man. Right from I-pods to digital cameras, the options are endless!
  • Office accessories: If your man is an office-goer, then office accessories like a paperweight, pen-stand, mobile holder, office clock or diary could make the perfect gift! Not only are all these gifts easily affordable, but they will also be of great utility, and shall have him thinking of you all day long!
  • Watches or men’s jewelry: Every man deserves a great watch, so if you don’t quite like what your man wears on his wrist, you can change it by investing in a great watch! Men’s jewelry like a love band or a macho bracelet also makes for unique Valentine’s gifts.

For more Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men, visit us at JackandGill.com. We have a great selection of Valentine’s Day gifts at really affordable prices.We provide round-the-clock delivery services to all our clients in Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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Send Beautiful Flowers To Your Loved One This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air all across the globe, as the season of romance has finally arrived! With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, the biggest question in the mind of all the lovebirds out there is what to gift their special someone. Unfortunately, most youngsters end up at either extreme- gifting nothing at all, or going overboard with extravagant gifts. If you wish to play it smart by gifting the one you love something that is as special as they are, yet not having holes in your pocket, the best option to go by is flowers!

Flowers are undoubtedly the most beautiful expression of love, and with their ethereal combination of beauty and fragrance are an absolute treat to the senses. The best part is that they work like magic for both sexes. While a gorgeous bouquet of roses is sure to melt a girl’s heart, every boy loves to be pampered with the occasional bunch of exotic flowers, even though he might not show it. The very fact that your loved one went through the effort of choosing flowers for you proves that he or she is smitten by your love!

The great thing about flowers as a Valentine’s gift is that they can be displayed for days in a beautiful vase, to beautify the room that they are placed in, and remind your loved one of how much they mean to you. Once the flowers wither, they can be dried and pressed, and kept as a wonderful memory for years to come. Anyone who has been in love would agree that a dried rose pressed between pages of a diary or safely kept between a card gifted by your special one, is among the sweetest keepsakes ever!

While a single red rose is the best combination of simplicity and love, you can jazz up your valentine’s gift by throwing in a couple of varied colors into the bunch. Right from orchids and daisies to tulips and lilies, there is an endless range of breathtaking flowers to choose from at JackandGill.com. You can even opt for a heart-shaped wreath of flowers to take your loved one completely by surprise! The range of flowers available on this website is not just a delight to look at, but also priced affordably, to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Visit JackandGill.com and choose from a wide range of flowers bunches, bouquets and gifts. We provide excellent home delivery services to all our clients in Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

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Valentine’s Day Roses In Chandigarh

We all know that the Valentine week kick starts with rose day throughout the globe. On this day, people of every age group, especially the youngsters express their love to their beloved and close friends by gifting them the most beautiful flower in the world –Rose. It is believed that this flower speaks in a language known only to heart.

There is a hidden feeling and emotion behind every rose color. We have mentioned below a list of colors of roses and the true meaning behind each. You can choose from any of these as per your desire and relation with your beloved:

  • Red Roses: Red color is a symbol of love, beauty and courage. Red roses are considered to be the best way to say ‘I Love you’ and at the same time ‘thank you’. We can choose from various shades of red color. The darker red rose signifies long lasting love and is also linked with marriage.
  • Pink Roses: Pink is a symbol of admiration and affection. This Rose can be gifted to those for whom you care truly care and to those to whom you want to express your liking. These roses are also said to be the best way to begin a relationship.
  • White Roses: White color signifies purity and silence. So you can gift white roses to express your purity of Love in any relation. These flowers are a perfect way to say ‘sorry’ and also signify that you want to express your innocence by gifting it.
  • Yellow Roses: Yellow is the color of friendship, joy and grace. Yellow rose are perfect when you want to say “I’ll be there for you my friend”. You can also choose this rose to express your joy & kindness.
  • Orange Roses: Want to propose your beloved? Gift him/her yellow rose this Valentine’s Day. Orange color signifies desire and passion for a beloved. It also shows enthusiasm and pride in a relation. So, if you are planning to propose, go for it!

No matter you gift your beloved a single rose or a large bouquet of roses, both are a perfect way to show your love and affection.

We at JackandGill.com, have a wide range of beautiful and exotic flowers like roses, gerbera and carnations. We also have cakes, gifts, teddies, sweets, chocolates, fruits, wine, champagne or a combination of all. We provide you door step services of delivering these flowers to your loved ones.

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History Of Valentine’s Day

Every year on February 14, loved ones exchange gifts with one another, all in the name of St. Valentine. However, the question is who is this mysterious saint of love and why is this particular day meant for such celebrations? For the answer, it’s important to peek into the yesteryears and find out how this day came into being.

Legend has it that Valentine was a priest during the third century in Rome who was put to death by Emperor Claudius II for defying his orders against marriage of young soldiers. The Emperor felt that men who were single made better soldiers than those who were married, but Valentine dared to go against the Emperor and solemnized marriages of young lovers secretly. This cost him his life but put him in the good books of lovers till date. Another theory suggests that Valentine was killed for trying to free Christians from the clutches of the Romans where they were tortured and mistreated. It is believed that on this very day of his death, people held love lotteries and that’s how Valentine got associated with love.

As per another interesting legend, while in prison, Valentine fell in love with a girl who may have been his jailor’s daughter and just before his death, he sent her a note signed off with the words, “From your Valentine”. Following his demise was an aura of romance due to those words and he became Saint Valentine from Bishop Valentine. After this, young Romans would distribute cards of affection to anyone they wished to see on every February 14. This is how February became a month of celebrating love throughout the world.

Valentines Day was popularly celebrated in Great Britain in the Seventeenth Century. In the Eighteenth century, it was a common trend to exchange tokens of love in the form of handwritten notes. By the end of the century, with the advent of printed cards, letters were replaced with ready-made cards. In America, the trend of exchanging hand-made Valentines began in the 1700s.

Even though Valentine Day’s history is ambiguous, it’s the favorite holiday of lovers and florists! Cupids, hearts, teddy bears and roses are the common symbols of Valentine’s Day. Cupids with bows and arrows come from the Roman mythology where Cupid was the son of the Goddess of love and the arrow was meant to strike the object of desire and make it fall in love with Cupid. Whatever the facts, the essence of Valentine’s Day has and always will be to love and cherish the special people in our lives and do something special for them on this day.

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Valentine Gifts Bangalore

India’s IT hub, Bangalore is all set for Valentines Day as restaurants and hotels are playing cupid for lovers by ensuring a perfect ambience for the special day. Bangalore is all geared up with soft music, candles and red roses, spreading love all over. Valentines Day being the perfect occasion for expressing your love to your beloved, gives you the chance to pass on a gesture of love in the form of a gift.

There are a couple of cool clubs in Bangalore which are perfect for a candle-lit dinner for the two of you with a five-course menu, champagne and beverages at great discounts. 24-hour coffee shops are also offering extensive buffets with lots of wine and beer to set the perfect mood for you and your loved one. Valentines Day parties are a big rage in Bangalore as youngsters prefer chilling out with their peers and grooving to cool music while dining out.

If you are not a part of the partygoers club, there’s a lot you can do that won’t wear you down and will convey your heart felt feelings to your valentine. Chocolates, soft toys and flowers are the best conventional gifts that will bring a smile on your loved one’s face. Being in Bangalore, the hub of roses in India and a major exporter of roses to the rest of the world, fresh roses are definitely the best bet as a gift. For a little more thrill and oomph, some hotels are offering poolside dinners with chic ambience and soft music to set the perfect mood for the evening. Rooftop theme parties with a variety of beverages and a DJ are catching up with the youngsters in Bangalore at various Lounge Bars.

To add a ‘wow’ factor to your gifting style, you can even opt for a gadget like a Smartphone, an iPod, a laptop and a camera if your budget allows. Most of the youngsters in Bangalore are switching over to gadgets as a replacement for roses, jewelry and chocolates. The youth believe that such gifts are remembered for a longer time in addition to having some utility as compared to the conventional romantic gifts. For those with deep pockets and a heart of gold, gifting your loved one the latest gadget is enough to sweep her off the floor.

Online gifts are also a unique option for expressing your love and there are some awesome gifts on JackandGill.com that you can send across to your special ones in major cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. Online gift stores let you choose from a variety of options in just a few clicks and ensure your gifts are delivered in time at the right destination.

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Valentine Gifts Mumbai

Love is in the air in Mumbai as youngsters are seen buzzing around planning ahead for Valentines Day just to make it a special day for those they love. Every year, Valentines Day is celebrated with much aplomb in Mumbai and this year too, the same is expected. Restaurants, fast food centers, wayside eateries and multiplexes are all geared up to offer the best to the love birds.

The Mumbaikars believe in an open expression of love and seldom do they shy away from publicly displaying their affection towards their better halves. There’s much that can be done on this Valentines Day in Mumbai that will make it a memorable day to be cherished forever. The purpose of this day is to celebrate love and togetherness and the best way to do this is by exchanging tokens of love with those whom you love.

A variety of things can make great and simple gifts for Valentines Day such as chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, cakes, a good book for a book-lover, a gadget for your gadget freak boyfriend and the list goes on. You can be a part of the rapidly growing online gift culture too. Online gifts give you a chance to explore a variety of options and prices while making a choice and there are many online stores that specially target people in Mumbai. Have fun sending e-cards and gifts from all over the world within the comfort of your home.

Another hot trend catching up with the beauties in Mumbai is to get themselves a feel-good quick fix in terms of cosmetic surgery on Valentines Day to up their beauty while their better halves foot the bill for them. Getting your beloved pampered at a luxury spa is also a great alternative to the common dinner out and there are tons of spas in Mumbai that deliver world class services. Partying in lounge bars and pubs is also a big rage amongst the teenagers and a great way to have a blast on Valentines Day.

For a wide range of online gifts, you can check out JackandGill.com and send a token of love to your special one in Mumbai or other major cities like Pune, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Delhi. Let love spread across miles as you celebrate this valentines day gifting lots of love and love filled gifts to those who are dear to you.

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